Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa

Rhino pair in Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa.

This small town's claim to fame is that it is the site of the discovery of the world's biggest diamond to date. The Cullinan Diamond, as it was called when it was still in one piece, measured an incredible 3,106 carats - that's about the size of half a pound (250g) of butter. The Premier Diamond Mine, where the monster diamond was found, is still operational.

Cullinan has some lovely old wood and iron miners' houses, which are worth a visit as well as quaint country-style restaurants and craft shops. The old recreation club is also quite interesting and visitors can view the fine murals recently discovered behind the boards.

For the more active, the Premier Game Reserve, which is part of the mine property, is a great place for game drives, walks, picnics or an escorted game viewing horseback ride.  Not far away is the drop zone of the Pretoria Skydiving Club, which is the biggest in South Africa.

To get to Cullinan from Pretoria, one would head north on the N1 and then turn right onto the R513. It is a drive of less than an hour. The nearest major airport is Johannesburg International.